New Products & Features for NAB 2016

New Products & Features for NAB 2016

Manufacturers represented in Europe by Polar Graphics are gearing up for an exciting NAB 2016 with the release of new products and features – scroll down to see the complete list.

Facilis Terrablock – shared storage – Booth SL8811

Facilis will showcase its latest SSD (Solid State Drive) technology, which it has incorporated within the Hybrid24 and SSD8 products. . By combining the best of traditional spinning disk technology with enterprise-class SDDs, a hybrid solution offers the best of both worlds and gives users the ability to dynamically assign volumes where performance matters most. Most importantly, users never have to waste valuable space on SSDs with persistent data, since spinning HDs in the same enclosure are used for automated offload and mirroring.

Capacity increases have also been announced across the model line, with substantially lower price points, making TerraBlock accessible to the broadest range of broadcast and corporate users.

“2016 will be a significant year in the development of Facilis products,” says James McKenna VP of Marketing and Pre Sales at Facilis, “Our focus continues to be on streamlined workflows and highest system performance and flexibility, with a lower cost of ownership. At NAB, visitors will find that Facilis is positioned as the very best, most progressive and cost-effective partner for its customers.”

Also showing at NAB will be the newly shipping version of the Facilis FastTracker, a new application designed for cataloging, searching and viewing many media types within Facilis Shared Storage, including all major QuickTime, MP4 and MXF codecs, along with DPX and TARGA image sequences, to name a few.

StorageDNA LTO Archive & Sony ODA Removable Nearline – Booth SL10113

LTO Archive

StorageDNA will have the latest DNAevolution software version 4.1 set up on the stand showing the latest features including Avid & Adobe Project Archiving and showing the 4K Conform work flow allowing users to save money on hardware infrastructure.

Version 4.1 Features include:

  • LTO-7 Compatibility
  • New and improved Avid and Adobe project-based archiving
  • Loader software lock ensures protection against incorrect loading of tapes and prevents software versus hardware inventory mismatches.
  • Auto-LTFSCK intelligently detects corrupted tapes and auto-corrects them without user or support intervention
  • Improved protection against restores to unmounted workspaces, out of space targets and more.

Sony Optical Disk Archive & DNAfusion

StorageDNA are the only company offering Smart Access. DNAfusion is a new storage solution built on Sony’s Optical Disc Archive media and StorageDNA’s media intelligent software. The solution presents a new storage media that is removable and capable of a 50-year archive. However, it is random access with plug n play ability for tasks such as browsing, playing, sub-clipping, transcoding and more.

More info here:

Stardom Storage – New Thunderbolt Options – Booth SL15216

Stardom will be showing their complete range of products and  the new ST2-TB two bay – a new Thunderbolt RAID ideal for video applications providing up to 16TB of storage that has recently been added to the Stardom Thunderbolt range.

Stardom will also release new Raid X products.This concept is to upgrade your Raid 5 3G with a Raid X 6G for more speed, security and stability and they will also be demonstrating the DR8-TBA that supports up to 48TB using 8TB drives.

Bluefish444 – EPOCH 4K Video I/O Cards – Booth SL9021

The latest EPOCH | 4K Neutron and Epoch Neutron low profile half length uncompressed 4K/2K/HD/SD SDI I/O video cards including 4K 60P will be on show on the stand. A new Windows driver update has recently added significant 4K & 2K stereo features for SDI & HDMI workflows involving Adobe, Avid and Assimilate.

The Epoch | 4K Neutron range of products has been upgraded to support the two-sample interleave 4K video mode. SMPTE 425-5 is the industry standard for Quad Link 3Gbps SDI employing two-sample interleave and supported by the industry’s SDI equipped camera and monitor manufacturers.

The Windows upgrade adds 4K HDMI 30fps video and audio preview via the Epoch | 4K Neutron range for inexpensive 4K monitoring NLE & graphics workflows.

Bluefish also recently announced it has become a member of the TICO alliance. The TICO lightweight 4:1 compression scheme, known as SMPTE RDD35, will allow Bluefish444 customers to access uncompressed quality video at one quarter of the bandwidth, to be transported over existing SDI infrastructure and emerging IP technologies.

Apantac Multiviewers and converters – Booth N4506

Apantac will launch THE WORLD’S MOST COST-EFFECTIVE & ADVANCED VIDEO MULTIVIEWER – $15K worth of features for under $2.3K, Ther ewill be 3 new models available:

Mi-16 – Single Output Video Multiviewer (16×1) CLICK HERE FOR INFO… 

Mi-16+ (PLUS) – Single or Dual Output Video Multiviewer (16×1 OR 8+8) CLICK HERE FOR INFO… 

Mi-16# (SHARP) – Dual Output Video Multiviewer (16×2) CLICK HERE FOR INFO…

There wil also be new Open Gear range and the T# Modular range. The T# multiviewer is based on a revolutionary modular architecture from Apantac. Three frame sizes (1RU, 2RU, 4RU) and 16 pre-configured models are available. The pre-configured models can be easily expanded by adding additional input or output boards. All boards are hot swappable and interchangeable between all three frame sizes.

Here is a video preview of the Micro-4K-DP 4K UHD Displayport

And a video preview of the  Video Wall Solutions and Hybrid – IP Multiviewers and Open Gear

Apantac Launches new Extenders & Receivers at NAB 2016

Apantac’s new HDMI over IP Extender/Receiver set provides a versatile solution to send HDMI video sources to other source devices or remote screens, over a standard Gigabit Ethernet IP Network.

Also a new KVM over IP Extender & Receiver is an IP-based KVM Extender/Receiver set is ideal for applications where multiple local computers need to be accessed from multiple remote locations. This new KVM solution can extend HDMI video up to 1920×1200/1080P, USB 2.0/1.1, RS-232, bi-directional audio, and bi-directional IR on a single cable, over a Gigabit Ethernet IP network.

Ultimatte Corporation Compositor and chroma key – Booth SL5017

There will be a new product launch from Ultimatte at the booth. They will show their award winning technology again the system was used last year on the BBC Election program – see it in action here:

Contact us now to arrange a meeting at the show.


StorageDNA Open Day – October 22nd 2015

Come and see the latest StorageDNA LTO Tape Archive in Soho London

We are holding a StorageDNA Showcase in London at Kettner’s Soho on 22 October 2015. Come by for an afternoon or evening session where we will showcase the new features in DNAevolution® V4.0.

Learn more about our new Infinity Series line of LTO libraries, which can scale up to 1.4 Petabytes and help you manage your 4K content. Refreshments will be served throughout the day, please email or call us on +44 (0) 20 8868 2479 to schedule a session or request a private demo.

What you can expect to see:

DNAevolution® V4.0 New Features: –

  • Learn how Fishbowl Worldwide Media built their 4K low res / high res pipeline
  • The importance of Metadata in an Avid Pipeline
  • Using DNAevolution® V4.0’s simplified conform engine
  • All new Avid and Adobe Project Archiving



Storage for 4K and UHD Video Resolutions

Storage for 4K and UHD Video Resolutions

With UHD and 4K you are working at such high resolutions that the need exists to have high speed storage for 2K, 4K and UHD video – Polar Graphics offer a range of solutions to suit all needs:

Storage DNA – Manage the content wave!


Currently, the majority of productions will be finished at the HD resolution of 1920×1080 or 2K for cinema release. 4K to the home is now gaining momentum, with 4K content already available online via Websites such as NETFLIX® and YouTube®. This change is similar to the introduction of HD, at a time when most primetime productions were finished in standard definition from film.Before shows were shot in digital HD, HD finishing was accomplished with an offline/online workflow by re-conforming from the high-resolution film. Today a similar workflow can be achieved with digital camera masters using LTO with LTFS technology. Camera master data can be archived with LTO/LTFS and used for HD finishing with the conform from LTO process. In the future, the original camera master files can be re- conformed for a 4K finish at the highest quality.LTFS-based solutions may be used to conform directly from LTO by using LTO tape as a raw master format. With suitable management software, conforming from LTO is a straightforward process. Driven by an AAF, XML or EDL from an editing system to identify the raw media from LTO tapes, conforming is used to bring back only the files that will be used in the finished piece. Compared to a traditional videotape-based workflow, conforming from LTO tape is far simpler and uses multiple-slot autoloaders for automated tape changes.

Facilis – Terrablock


If you are in a shared environment then Terrablock provides the best of both worlds. High speed storage for UHD and 4K with fibre channel single user write volumes that can then be changed to multi user write. Read more about Light Iron who decided to buy Terrablock and Navigation Films who purchsed to manage an influx of 4K projects.

Here are some stream counts and more information on the product


The ST8 systems from Stardom offer surprisingly good bandwidth and ease of use and are excellent value for money.

They also have a new Thunderbolt RAID ideal for broadcast video editing applications. More info here

There is a nice blog from a user here:

Also – Check out our Bluefish444 4K Video I/O Cards


In an industry that always demands “bigger and better” Bluefish444 have yet again delivered! This time we have gone one step further, the Epoch | Neutron range packs a massive amount of power into a form factor that defies belief.Epoch 4K Neutron Features 1.5G + 3G SDI I/O, Dual Link SDI, 3D Stereoscopic, 12 bit video processing pipeline, HDMI 1.4 output, 4 x 1D LUTs, and a Low Latency video Keyer.

This years IBC 2015 will feature a lot of new 4K & UHD products – more info

IBC15 Email banner

Can you afford to lose 3-8% of your content? LTO Archive prevents data loss.

Storage DNA – LTO/LTFS Tape Archive Solutions for Media

Can you afford to lose 3-8% of your content? LTO Archive prevents data loss.

This report Hard Drive Reliability Stats for Q1 2015 shows that hard drive failure is a reality of modern computing. If you have content stored on hard drives it could be at risk. Storage DNA offer a safe, cost effective way to archive your content, and more importantly retrieve that content easily as and when it is needed.

Many film, video and broadcast professionals are experiencing the phenomenal growth of unstructured data in their production and post production environments. The challenges you face with long-term archival storage of your digital assets include how to cost-effectively backup, archive, search, find, restore, and directly access your content.

Case study – BAMM TV

Since 2004, Storage DNA have been helping film, video and broadcast professionals master their digital workflow to enable them to work more efficiently and save costs. Advanced technologies and a commitment to innovation are the backbone of the company. Thier mission is to engage with the community of customers, resellers and partners, evolve the product offerings, and provide these solutions for unparalleled value.Many media professionals face a number of challenges as a result of the phenomenal growth of digital file-based workflows, including how to:Cost-effectively backup and store content Protect digital assets long-term Easily archive, search, find, restore, and directly access content when needed Visit Storage DNADNA Evolution, StorageDNA’s intelligent workflow solution built on Linear Tape Open (LTO) and Linear Tape File System (LTFS) technologies, allows you to streamline your file-based workflow, work more efficiently, and save significant storage costs. The innovative workflow solutions allow you to easily archive, find, restore, and directly access digital assets at incredible speeds.

DNA Evolution explained in under 1 minute

StorageDNA’s solutions power some of the most complex and critical workflows for a wide range of customers from major film studios and television production companies to sports organizations, government agencies, and Fortune 500 corporations.

Storage DNA is a perfect compliment to our Stardom direct attach and Facilis Terrablock shared storage products.

For more information or a demonstration contact us.

Video Storage Systems – Optimised for Avid, FCP and Adobe Premiere‎

Video Storage Systems – Optimised for Avid, FCP and Adobe Premiere‎

Click here for Video Storage Systems – Optimised for Avid, FCP and Adobe Premiere‎ from who have been installing and servicing storage for over 20 years.

Our Optimised Video Storage Systems – will provide fast and easy set up and connectivity providing the best storage to suit your workflow.

It’s a world where people are using various different operating systems, hardware and software therefore it’s important for manufacturers to be aware of that. We have always chosen the manufacturers we represent carefully to insure maximum compatibility to our client base.

Facilis Terrablock Shared Storage – Optimised for Avid FCP and Adobe Premiere

You may have Apple OSX, Windows and Linux workstations that need to access the same writable volume without needing 3rd party software or having to pay for per seat licensing. Simple to set up with no external metadata controllers or complex networking. You could connect up to 100 Ethernet and Fibre Channel clients each optimised for Avid, FCP and/or Adobe Premiere. If you are using higher spec codecs or 4K Ultra HD projects Terrablock offers codec support for multiple codecs and video formats.

If you need to share projects across multiple workstations they provide native, application-level Avid Unity-Style Media Composer project sharing as well as interactive Adobe Premiere project sharing through the Facilis Project Manager.

Stardom Storage Solutions – Optimised for Avid, FCP and Adobe Premiere

The size of your facility wont matter with Stardom there is a option for everyone. From Single drives up to 2, 4, 6 and 8 bay enclosures and you can choose to buy everything from us or just the enclosures and install the drives yourself to save money. They feature connections for any workstation from USB, Firewire 800, eSATA and the newlow cost Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt 2 RAID. Compatible with MAC or Windows.

If you feel confused by the number of options out there then let us help you – call us and talk to a human or send us an email with the number of work stations you have and which format and we will get back to you with a suggested specification and price. Alternatively email us for our simple questionnaire and we will advise you.

We also offer a new range of LTO Archive tools with the new Storage DNA product line.

Facilis Unveils New Shared Storage and Asset Tracking Products at NAB 2015

Shared Storage expert announces all new 72TB high-performance SSD Hybrid system,16TB shared storage system for under $10K and integrated asset tracking.

At NAB 2015, Facilis (booth SL8811), announces new offerings for both high-end and budget conscious facilities, along with an all-new tracking product that combines search, management and access to project assets in a simple interface.

The TerraBlock 24D /HA Hybrid Array includes a drive group of 8 SSDs for ultra-high performance, alongside a larger drive group of traditional 4TB SATA drives for 72TB combined capacity. Since TerraBlock is a virtual volume system, facility administrators can create unique volume configurations that make the best use of the capacity and scalability of HDDs, and the consistency of speed and bandwidth inherent in SSDs. Performance derived from the SSD group can power multi-stream uncompressed 4K workloads, while the 16 drive group delivers the collaborative experience for compressed HD editorial and content creation workflows.

The new TerraBlock 8D is an 8-drive, 16TB turnkey content creation system. Like Facilis’ larger servers, this 2U rack mountable server combines the Facilis Shared File System with virtual volume workflow and performance. The 8D includes Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and can be upgraded to support Fibre Channel and 10GigE connections, making it very attractive for facilities looking for a cost effective way to use existing Fibre Channel networking. The TerraBlock 8D retails for less than $10K.

The Facilis FastTracker is a comprehensive application for cataloging, searching and viewing many media types within the Facilis TerraBlock Shared Storage System, including all major QuickTime, MP4 and MXF codecs, along with DPX and TARGA image sequences, to name a few. This easy-to-use system includes custom metadata tagging, catalog user permissions, “Boolean” search capability and incremental indexing functionality. With no browser-based dependencies, this application is the fastest way to find clips, view them, and bring them into a project.

“Our customers have been asking for a system capable of concurrent editorial and finishing workflows, an easy way to track the terabytes of media they use, and an entry-level system for deploying in smaller workgroups,” commented James McKenna, VP of Marketing at Facilis, “Our new products are direct responses to these requests, and will help our customers be prepared for the changing landscape of post-production.”

Visitors to the Facilis booth will also be able to see TerraBlock software Version 6.5 that includes new scalability features for volumes and workgroups. Interoperability with third party applications has been further improved along with performance enhancements for resolution independent workflows.

Features include:

  • Cascading Volumes enable seamless expansion of storage capacity among multiple drive groups and servers, all without moving or copying data.
  • Windows Growing File Support helps our customers incorporate capture and encode automations, along with popular edit-during-ingest workflows on Windows as well as OSX.
  • Increased User Count up to 250 connected multi-platform users with no per-seat fees through the Facilis Shared File System.

Product Availability: The TerraBlock 24D/HA, TerraBlock 8D, Facilis FastTracker software and TerraBlock software Version 6.5 will be available in Q2 2015.

 Lots of other new products and features at NAB 2015

Avid Shared Storage – is Terrablock the answer?

There are a number of reasons for people looking into new shared storage systems for Avid – maybe you are adding more and more suites/users and carrying around hard drives is not the way to go, maybe you had a Unity or Xsan system that is nearing the end of life and needs replacement and/or maybe the cost of an Avid ISIS is a bit too high for your budget? It’s worth exploring Terrablcok as an option.

Facilis Terrablock has its own unique Shared File System that allows collaborative workflow between Apple® OSX, Windows® and Linux workstations without 3rd party software, per seat licensing, external metadata controllers or the need to set up complicated networking.


To the user, once the Shared File System is turned on it provides a familiar inteface providing notification of bins being unlocked or locked by another user.


The other benefit of course with Terrablock is that at any time you can add additional users easily on any platform. With ethernet and/or fibre connectivity you have options for dealing with any connections from multiple small suites up to 4K mastering/finishing. Overall it’s a flexible and easy to set up shared storage system with great expansion possibilities for the future ideal for Avid users and multi-platform facilities.

On our website you can find more information and a few case studies of existing users.

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